My first project made for the "Create With Code" Unity's course.

It's a side scroll endless runner game where you control a fox in the forest, with the objective to eat as many chickens as you can while avoiding the obstacles.

 Up arrow jumps, down arrow pushes you back to the ground.

Development log


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A fun little game! I love the art style :)


Very enjoyable to play! I love the intrigue of wanting to go for the chicken points, but it's not always the best idea :) As said in the other review, this would make for an awesome mobile game. Very good for a first project, looking forward to more of your work!

Thank you Suyo!

I'm really glad you enjoyed. Be careful with the chickens, they're deceivers :P 

Stay tuned for the 7DRL Game Jam, i'll try making a roguelike game in 7 days for this challenge.